About Us

Cooling and Heating are accounting for approximately half of all energy bills, and it is a fact that insulation leakage is responsible for most unexpected wastes. Therefore, there is no doubt that paying attention to energy leakage will help to reduce our emissions. Despite progress in the development of new building management systems, energy waste remains high. Therefore, the thermal scan was introduced to analyze interfaces to audit thermal issues of building envelope. Continuous screening of buildings using AI-based modification detection will provide reliable monitoring services to prevent unexpected energy leakages and provide trustworthy recommendations for maintenance in the early stage. Our solution captures the following information for making a decision:

  • Previous records of the scanned location
  • Information of neighborhoods
  • Information of similar buildings
  • Green energy standards
  • Normalized information of the city


We will provide our services in 4 sectors

An application with DIY self-service customers. It will provide thermal images analysis and will provide add-ons for more detailed analysis use of machine vision engine and also cloud solution for keeping and sharing history.

Inspection as a Service which we will do an inspection as a regular service in defined periods and reports as well as send notifications in case of critical modifications.

E2E solution which tailored for enterprises and huge buildings with customized services.



I am responsible for business development and commercial and has experience in construction and building and urban planning and responsible for energy analysis